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E-TrenaTrex - 250mg/ml (10ml vial) - Concentrex Labs

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Wirkstoffname: Trenbolone Enanthate
Wirkstoffgruppe: Anabole/androgene Steroide
Gängige Markennamen: ETrenaTrex, Finarex, Trecor E, Trenol
Gängige Wirkstoffmenge: Injektionen: 100, 150, 200, 250mg/ml

Einsatzgebiet: Wettkampf/Diät, Qualität, solider Muskelaufbau
Anabole Komponente: stark
Androgene Komponente: mittel

Anfänger: nicht empfehlenswert
Hobbybereich: 200-750mg/Woche
Profibereich: 750-1500mg/Woche
Frauen: nicht empfehlenswert
Anwendungsdauer: 8-12 Wochen

All written in the previous profile on Trenbolone Acetate is the same true also for Trenbolone Enanthate, except the fact that Trenbolone Enanthate is Enanthate, not Acetate, ester. What does it mean in practice? Changes in application of Trenbolone and the fact that Trenbolone Enanthate is a totally universal drug.
In view of the fact that Trenbolone cannot be converted to estrogen, side effects, such as increased water retention and fat storage are not a problem. Suitable combination to Trenbolone Enanthate is Testosterone Enanthate or Boldenone Undecylenate. When following this combination, muscle gains achieved, are of a high quality.
Taking Trenbolone brings an increase in quality muscles, amazing hardness and muscle strength. Chemically, it is very close to Nandrolone, since it is the 19-nortestosterone derivative and, in practice, it brings advantages, but also disadvantages, as well. It may be taken as during the volume cycles so during the cycles intended to take-up quality muscles.
Trenbolone can strongly increase the level of red blood cells, it has a strong production efficiency, similarly as insulin has. Of course, insulin can not be compared with it; insulin is stronger. Simply said, it can strongly increase the utilization of all received nutrients and minerals intaken in daily food.
It successfully prevents from the formation of cortisol in the body, too. It increases the rate of replenishment and utilization of glycogen in the muscles, improves a muscle regeneration process and has a strong anti-catabolic effect.
It is able to increase IGF-1 level in the body from among all the steroids the most significantly. IGF-1 is a very important peptide in the body, which substantially affects the functioning of each one cell in the body. When using Trenbolone, IGF-1 level in the body can be increased by about 200%. But, it also increases the sensitivity of cells to this peptide.
Side effects are similar to those of Trenbolone Acetate, in particular, excessive sweating and a sleep disorder. Other side effects associated with the use of Trenbolone Enanthate are increased blood pressure, worsing of blood lipid level and a loss of libido. Because it is a derivative of Nandrolone, it can have side effects such as swelling of the mammary glands, so-called gynecomastia.


Steroid begginers usually do not take Trenbolone Enanthate because the power of this steroid is not required at the begginers level. Using Depot Testosterone or Testosterone Propionate is definitely a better choice.
Advanced athletes are using Trenbolone Enanthate either in volume/bulk cycles or during dieting. The recommended doses are ranging between 200 - 400 mg per week. Optimal is to take Testosterone Cypionate or Enanthate (250 mg per week) and thus you can avoid problems with libido and contribute to building muscles very significantly through potent androgenic and anabolic effects.
Bodybuilders use Trenbolone Enanthate (500-750 mg weekly) in a combination with Testosterone Depot (500-750 mg a week) and Boldenone Undecylenate (400-600 mg) or the same quantity of Nandrolone Decanoate during the volume cycle. While dietint, it is appropriate to combine it with Testosterone Propionate (100 mg a day), Stanozolol (50 mg a day) and/or Drostanolone Propionate (100 mg a day).
Trenbolone Enanthate also enjoys popularity in professional bodybuilding, especially during volume cycles. Doses are in the range between 750 - 1500 mg per week. It is usually combined with Testosterone Propionate, growth hormone and insulin.


In view of the fact that Trenbolone (due to its effects of Progesterone) significantly harms the production of hormones in the body, PCT is needed. Two weeks before the end of the cycle, it is appropriate to include HCG. The combination of Tamoxifen Citrate and/or Clomiphene Citrate is appropriate after the cycle.

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